About us

Yueruis was born the very second when we witnessed hardships faced by companies struggling to get their warehouse upgraded and automated. Customers were unable to find a reliable supplier, who can entirely understand their distinctive requirements and delivers a solution that perfectly fits their needs. 

We saw this dilemma faced by many and founded Yueruis with lofty ambition and rebellious spirit to be great listeners and offer satisfying products. Our goal is simple and clear as we aim for customer satisfaction so no one is left frustrated and unheard in the industry. 

We are here to fully understand you, work together with you as partners to craft flexible automation solutions, and ensure your warehouse operations run smoothly, safely, and more efficiently. We’re a team of personalities, creatives, innovators, and thinkers. We want clients to think of us as their shoulder to lean on, their friends to call, and true partners who work together towards success. 

We are thrilled to help customers by putting their requirements ahead of anything and everything else. We partner up with all those seeking to transform their warehouse with innovative quality equipment matching their unique requirements in a personalized way. We’re here to help and together start a transformation journey that counts. 

YUERUIS is an international Trading Co., Ltd. With several top quality suppliers of loading bay equipment , industrial doors and related docking systems accessories, we focus on every side to meet the customer different  demands. We locate in Shanghai to expand its modern resource and easy transportation to oversea markets also we enjoy a good production and operation environment which making convenient traffic conditions.

Yueruis sets the industry standard through our responsibility, cost effective logistics solutions and exceeding customers’ expectation. With many successful installation experience, Everbesten is recognized for its innovative design, control features and quality. 

We have several OEM factories including industrial fast doors and also with loading bay equipments professional manufacturing on dock leveler, dock seal & shelter and vehicle restraints. 

we are the latest Robert Auto product line for welding, aluminum alloy panel making, laser galvanized&304SS stainless parts cutting, PVC&Fabic curtain cutting , rail and cover painting which is more advance than traditional hand-make products in China. We lead the innovation way in high performance products suitable to high-cycle logistics environments including Food, Biotechnology, Cosmetics,Chemical, Clean workshops, Automotive industries.

Still it is with long life using application to real solving the clients’ production cost and energy conservation. At last, the workers will free for the whole processing to save more time and prompt high efficiency.Yueruis’ mission is to provide our customers with high performance, high quality and cost effective.