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What is the difference between an industrial lift door and a rolling door?


Industrial lift doors are generally used in factories, while rolling doors are used in factories, as well as shopping malls and home furnishings. In addition, what is the difference between the two? Let's understand together.

1. Structure

(1) Industrial lifting doors can install tracks along the ceiling and walls to make reasonable use of space when the door is running, overcome the shortcomings of rolling shutter doors that can only use fixed installation space, and improve the space utilization rate inside the workshop.

(2) The door body of the industrial lift door adopts horizontal split hinge connection, which makes the door easier to repair and replace. At the same time, small doors and small windows can be opened. The use of interlocking devices to open small doors facilitates the passage of personnel and ensures the safety of the operation of the gate, which fully reflects the convenience of the passage and saves energy.

(3) The door body of the industrial lift door adopts the bearing type operation, which not only overcomes the shortcomings of high noise operation of the rolling door, but also makes the operation of the door more stable.

2. Material

(1) The door body of the industrial lift door adopts double-layer hot-dip galvanized steel plate with polyurethane foam filling, which improves the flame retardancy compared with ordinary rolling shutter doors, and greatly reduces the cost compared with fire-resistant rolling shutter doors.

(2) Compared with the rolling door motor, the industrial lift door motor has added many functions. It can be connected with electrical switches such as remote control, radar, and geomagnetic ring; it can be connected to protective devices such as infrared rays and airbag safety edges.