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Attention should be paid to the use of air bag type adjusting plate.


The airbag adjustment plate is a classification of the height adjustment plate type, and it has a lot in common with the installation method and operation steps of the hydraulic adjustment platform. The height-adjusting board is a service platform for loading, unloading and handling of intelligent workshops and warehouses. It is placed on the platform in the integrated loading, unloading and handling auxiliary machinery and equipment. Special tools can unimpeded in and out of large trucks to unload and unload goods. Further improve the efficiency of cargo handling and the safety of staff. It is the necessary loading, unloading and handling machinery and equipment for modern warehouses, and it is the best choice for auxiliary boarding machinery and equipment.

The air bag adjustment board is composed of mechanical equipment, air bag system software and electrical system, and belongs to pneumatic products. Its key components are air tank, air cushion plate, short shaft, long sleeve, blower motor, slate component, safety support rod, base, and support foot. The general carrying weight is 6 tons, 8 tons, 10 tons, 15 tons, and orders can also be selected according to customer needs and conditions.

1. Instructions for use of airbag adjustment plate:

A. The whole process of raising:

Press the switch power button, the blower motor is working, the air bag starts to inflate, and the adjustment board starts to rise.

B. The whole process of work:

When the adjusting plate is raised to the maximum position, release the button, the adjusting plate will be lowered, and the loose-leaf strap will stretch out under the effect of the push rod. And put it on the bottom plate of the tail end of the truck (the steel bar overlaps about 15cm), then it can be applied. . (If the floor of the truck is lower than the height of the pallet, pull the chain while falling until the small plate is placed on the floor of the truck.)

C. Complete the whole process:

When the goods are loaded, press the switch power button and stretch out the slate. The small slab is automatically calibrated. When the slate is lifted, the aspect ratio must be adjusted. Then the button is released, and the adjustment board is gradually calibrated under the weight effect.

2. Common problems in actual operation during application:

A. When maintaining and cleaning up the waste in the pit of the adjustment plate, the safety support rod must be lifted and locked to prevent it from slipping off.

B. When loading goods, the trolley must be fixed and not moved, otherwise a safety accident may occur.

C. When using the height adjustment board, it is necessary to carefully read the article product manual (operation guide) in advance to master the appropriate operation steps and basic maintenance matters. Non-workers are not allowed to operate without authorization. When the application frequency is too high, you should not disassemble it without authorization if you encounter common faults during actual operation, you need to call the manufacturer's professional personnel to carry out maintenance.