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Safe use of Dock Leveler


Before work, check the loading and unloading location and road conditions, remove the surrounding obstacles, and ensure that the work is done in a safe environment. When loading and unloading objects must use a springboard to build a bridge, a springboard with high strength and good quality should be selected and installed firmly.

The machinery and dockleveler used should be checked before operation. If they are damaged, the machinery and dockleveler should be repaired before they can be used. When loading and unloading and lifting operations on the truck, stevedores shall abide by the corresponding safety operating procedures and relevant regulations.

Attention should be paid to manual loading and unloading by using dockleveler: 1. Objects should be handled with care and smashing is prohibited. 2. When multiple people carry goods at the same time, they must act in coordination and be directed by a dedicated person to prevent injuries to hands and feet. 3. When using the dockleveler to load and unload the truck, no one should be allowed in the place where the heavy objects may roll down. 4. When using dockleveler to carry heavy objects, a special person should be instructed to prevent it from rolling, and the rollers should be placed to prevent the rollers from pressing hands. 5. When loading and unloading flammable and explosive materials, it is strictly forbidden to carry matches, lighters and smoking during operation. Wear protective equipment when loading and unloading toxic and dusty materials. 6. When loading and unloading piles of goods, prevent the goods from collapsing and hurting people. 7. After loading the vehicle, the vehicle should be sealed firmly, and should be checked frequently for looseness during the journey. Objects should be stacked neatly after unloading.