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The specific content of soft curtain door maintenance


There are many components of the soft curtain door, and different parts have different maintenance methods. Below, let's talk about the specific content of the daily maintenance of the soft curtain door.


1. Regularly check whether the various parts of the fast rolling door are damaged. If damage is found, it must be repaired in time. If it cannot be repaired, it must be replaced to fully ensure the reliability and stability of the fast door itself.


2. The drive motor and other electrical equipment of the fast rolling door should be inspected from time to time, wipe the dust with a rag, and add lubricating oil to ensure that the fast door is always in a stable operation state.


3. The mechanical part is the main part of the fast rolling door operation, so the mechanical part should be tightened and lubricated regularly.


4. The maintenance time of industrial PVC fast rolling doors should be allocated well. Fortunately, a strict maintenance plan should be formulated, indicating the content, cycle, frequency, and precautions of maintenance, so as to avoid frequent maintenance of some parts, but some years. Carry out a maintenance