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Precautions for the use of soft curtain door


 Precautions for the use of soft curtain door, precautions for the use of inverters

1. It is strictly forbidden to switch in or disconnect the motor unit during the operation of the fast rolling door inverter, otherwise it will cause the inverter to trip over current and even the main circuit of the inverter will be burned.

2. Do not remove the front cover during the power supply process of the inverter to prevent electric shock injuries.

3.When the fault restart function is turned on, the motor will automatically restart after running. Please do not approach the machine to avoid accidents.

4. Do not touch the heat sink, brake resistor and other heating elements to prevent accidents.

5.The inverter can easily run from low speed to high speed, please confirm the allowable range of motor and machine speed.

6. Do not check the signal on the circuit board while the inverter is running to avoid danger.

7. The inverter has been adjusted and set before leaving the factory, please do not adjust it arbitrarily, and adjust it appropriately according to the required function.

8. When the inverter is running at frequencies above 50HZ, please be sure to consider the allowable speed range of vibration, noise, motor bearings and mechanical devices.

9. When using mechanical stroke positioning, the door can be opened with a manual rocker in case of power failure. After the system comes in, the fast rolling door can be used normally after the power switch is turned on.

10. When the encoder is used for positioning, the door has not been manually lifted, and the door can be used normally after the call is connected. Manually adjust the door, the call needs to be repositioned before it can be used