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What should I do if there is water seepage in the high speed door?

Corresponding measures:

1.Due to the different thermal expansion coefficients of the high speed door profile and the wall material, under the influence of temperature, capillary cracks are likely to occur at the junction of the frame and the wall. In order to prevent water seepage in the cracks, the high speed door and window frame should be elastically connected to the wall. During construction, the floating ash, mortar particles and other debris in the groove of the connection should be removed first, and then injecting around the connection between the frame and the wall The sealant should be sealed, the glue injection should be continuous, don't omit, and the bond should be firm.

2.The exposed connecting screws should also be buried and sealed with sealant to prevent water seepage. The installation of fast shutter doors and windows is not firm, the overall rigidity is poor, and the connection between the fast shutter door and window frame and the wall is cracked; when sliding or opening and closing the door and window, the frame fan shakes; People feel insecure.


1.High speed door and windows should be based on the door and window opening size, installation height, select the appropriate profile.

2.When installing the high speed door and window frame, the connector should be used for reliable connection with the wall. The connector should be made of thin steel plate with a thickness of not less than 1.5mm, and have anti-corrosion treatment. The connection method generally uses expansion bolts and injection needles to be embedded in the wall.

3.After the fast rolling shutter doors and windows are installed, the door and window frames can be pressed hard for inspection. If shaking or deformation is found, it should be reinforced