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The influence of accessories on the performance of high-speed doors

Physical properties
The durability of the physical properties of doors and windows is directly related to the structure and performance of the hardware. At present, the structure of this hardware and profile system used in the door and window industry in my country is mostly the same as the current system in Europe. Its characteristics are that except for the four window sashes The sides can be locked at the same time, and the hardware system can realize the three-dimensional adjustment of the window sash relative to the window frame, which ensures the best performance of the doors and windows to the greatest extent.

Economic performance
There is also fierce market competition in the architectural door and window industry. One of the important ways to get rid of single price competition and create a benign market environment is to continuously enrich product functions and use technological advantages to expand product profit margins. The important link that can enrich door and window product functions is hardware accessories The hardware with the same opening method has different structural forms and corresponding profiles. Products of different materials also provide the market with multiple choices due to their different prices.

Whole window life

The quality of hardware also has a certain impact on the life of high-speed doors. Generally speaking, the service life of anti-corrosion and rust-proof hardware is 10 years, which is enough for normal building doors and windows. Experts point out that it is good. The hardware should look thick, and the surface gloss should be good, the protective layer is dense, there is no scratches, the most important point is to turn on the