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Briefly describe the maintenance methods of high-speed doors


Briefly describe the  maintenance methods of high-speed doors

Regular inspection of high-speed doors
Regularly check whether the door rail is deformed, whether there is any jamming, whether the operating buttons are in good condition, whether the button box can be locked, whether the indication signal of the electric control box of the rolling door is normal, whether the box is damaged, press the upper and lower buttons, the rolling door should rise or Lowering, if the lifting and lowering of the shutter door is different from the button operation, you must stop immediately and adjust the power supply sequence before re-operation. During the ascending (or descending) process of the button operation, the operator is strictly forbidden to leave the scene. At the same time, pay close attention to the shutter door. Whether it can stop automatically after ascending (or descending) to a certain position. If the rolling door does not stop when it rises and is about to exit the guide rail (or has fallen to the ground), it can only be operated again after the limit device is repaired (adjusted) normally.

High-speed door maintenance method
In fact, the maintenance of high-speed doors is very simple. Clean the dust regularly. Do not use strong sulfuric acid or strong alkali solutions. Clean up the particles inside the frame in time. Avoid hitting the door with hard objects. If there is any opening failure or other abnormal conditions during use, find the cause in time. , If the fault cannot be eliminated, you should contact the manufacturer to make an appointment for on-site repair. Now the production process of high-speed doors is quite mature, the quality is guaranteed, easy to use and simple to maintain, and does not need to spend too much time to maintain