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Faults encountered by high-speed doors and their solutions

First, the troubleshooting of the high-speed door motor does not start. Regarding the problem of the high-speed door motor not moving, we have summarized the following issues through our work experience:
1, the wire is broken, look for the wire to be connected.
2, the running capacitor is damaged "Single-phase rolling door machine". Replace the running capacitor.
3. The bridge rectifier is broken or the solenoid is broken, and the brake is stuck. Replace the bridge rectifier or solenoid coil.
4, the normally closed contact of the limit switch does not work. Polish the contact or replace the limit switch.
5. The relay coil is broken or oxidized, stained. Replace the relay or polish the contacts.
6. The overheating protection fails. Replace the overheating protector.
7. The brake is stuck. Manually pull the chain a few times.
8. If the continuous running time is too long, the thermal protection is disconnected. Just drop the motor temperature.
Second, the brake slippage of high-speed doors
1. The compression spring force decreases. Replace the spring.
2. The solenoid is not installed properly. Reinstall it.
Third, the hand zipper of the high-speed door cannot be pulled, and the ring chain blocks the cross groove. Straighten out the chain .
1. The electromagnet fastener is loose. Re-tighten.
Fourth, what is the failure of the self-weight fall of the high-speed door?
1. The manual pull rod of the high-speed door is deformed. Replace the manual lever.
2. The gap between the manual pull rod and the washer is large. Reduce the gap.
3. Lubrication failure of gearbox motor. Change grease