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Briefly describe the technical parameters of the sponge door seal


Under normal circumstance,sponge dock seals provide a tight, efficient, seal,requiring minimal variation in height and width of trailers being served and building wall structure can withstand high pressure form backing trailer.


The following are the technical parameters of the sponge door seal:


Wrapped materials, yellow warning strips


Hot melt machine


Pieces of fish scales and packaging materials are glued together by a hot melt machine (film tool, 2 cm 30 cm)


Industrial sponge, new sponge is used, so the color is white, and its resilience is very good


The machine for cutting door curtains, fully automatic cutting bed, the cut out is very smooth, and the visual sense is good


Sponge splicing is glued together, and then fixed on the frame, and then wrapped with packaging material to be very firm


Four exhaust holes will be made under the columns on both sides. When reversing, the gas will be exhausted when squeezed to avoid the door cover from bursting. This is firstly beautiful, and secondly, if it is installed on the top, if it is installed in  the open air, there will be rainwater ingress.