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How to assemble the dock leveler


Everbesten introduces you the details of the dock leveler assembly area:

Assemble the plane, the bottom frame, and the tongue plate group through the wear- resistant pin.

Fixation of the table top and the bottom frame: Put a gasket on the fixing pin, and then insert the cotter pin to assemble the table top and the bottom frame.

The fixing of the tongue plate and the table top: The tongue plate and the table top are connected by a 25 cm diameter round shaft with chrome-plated surface, and finally fixed with a bayonet during debugging; the inner bayonet, punch a hole on the hinge tube, and  insert the bayonet fixed.

The gap between the tongue plate and the table makes it easy for workers to assemble, and when the dock leveler is running, it will also make the tongue plate rise and fall very smoothly. 

Closed hinge to prevent dust from entering.

An oil hole is opened on the surface of the hinge. When it is not smooth after a period of use, you can add oil to make it smooth again.