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Rapid Roll Door

The Rapid Roll Door uses a unique stainless steel frame material, which is particularly durable and especially suitable for the pharmaceutical and food industries. The softer internal frame of the high speed door ensures reduced wear and tear, and the double door frame reduces air consumption. The inner frame is close to the curtain, and the rubber bottom has the best sealing performance.

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Product Description

High Speed Door

1.What is the charactor of automatic high speed pvc door?

1)Easy cleaning for their stainless steel frame.

2)Less air consumption with double door frame. The inner frame is close to the  door curtain and the rubber bottom has the best sealing charactar.

3)Less bacteria growth for the best sealing solution without brush in the frame.

4)More durable due to the unique stainless frame material especially for pharmacy , food industry.

5)More softer inner frame ensures less-wear.

6)Controlling box with the screen-display.

2.What are the characteristics of automatic high speed PVC door?

1) Stainless steel frame is easy to clean.

2) Double door frame reduces air consumption. The inner frame is close to the wall. The curtain and rubber bottom have the best sealing performance.

3) Less bacterial growth is the best sealing solution for brushless in frame.

4) Due to the unique stainless steel frame material, especially   Pharmacy  ,  Food industry.

5) A softer internal frame ensures less wear.

Control box with screen display.


High Speed Door is widely used in modern factories and warehouses. It can run in very high speed (up to 2.5m/s)and frequency (up to 2000 times/day), very fit for areas with heavy traffic. Air flow through the door is reduced obviously, to protect indoor environment. Automatic running is realized with programmed control system and sensors. 

1. High speed opening and closing
The running speed can reach 2m/s, 10 times as traditional roller shutter door. This obviously improves passing efficiency through it and enhances overall output.

2. High frequency operation
The operation frequency can reach more than 1000 times per day without any faults. This meets need of heavy traffic in some areas.

3. High-level automation
Automatic radar or other devices can be equipped, realizing auto control of the door. This enhances automation level and work efficiency.

4. Excellent safety performance 
Dual protection design. Every door is equipped with safety photo sensor and proximity sensor, avoiding collision accidents and protecting passing human or vehicles.

5. Effective insulation
Benefiting from fast opening and closing, it can reduce the air flow between indoor and outdoor and prevent dust from entering the room. At the same time, energy is saved by reducing thermal conduction.

6. Complying with Food-grade and GMP norm
Special design seal structure. PVC fabric is dust-proof and easy for cleaning.                

7. Multiple safety protection
Safety photo sensor. When there is human or vehicle under the door, the door will stop closing and get up automatically. This will avoid accident collisions.

8. Convenient daily operation
Standard: Operation buttons of both outside and inside. 


High speed doors are designed for fast open and close, allowing people and/or equipment to move quickly through the opening. This type of doors is ideal for large size opening and designed for high performance daily use both internally and externally with minimal maintenance. The door operated as speed > 1m/s, this model doors offers beneficial energy saving in both commercial and industrial application. In additional it reduces noise and dust from nearby working areas. It was ideally choice for many commercial and industrial application

6.Date Sheet

Opening Speed

0.7 ~ 1.2m/s

Interior / Exterior Door


Wind Bar

Without or With, Accordingly to door model and size

Max Width


Min/Max H

600 / 9500mm

Door Curtain Thickness

0.8mm / 1.2mm / 2.0mm

Drive Unit

Electric / IP55

Safety Sensor

Electric safety edge

Safety photovell

Control voltage 24V DC

Motor Brand

SEW German

Servo System China


Control Brand

Servo China

S180 control system

Command System

Remote control, Radar sensor, Floor sensor, Rope switch, Key cards etc

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