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How to choose the right dock leveler

From the perspective of efficiency and safety, the terminal leveler is essential to terminal operations. The dock leveler is designed to bridge the gap between the loading platform and the truck so that loading, equipment and workers can easily and safely shuttle back and forth. Setting the right dock leveler for your typical load capacity and truck height is necessary for good loading and unloading operations. There are many options for dock levelers to suit many different facilities and load requirements.

Pneumatic dock leveler

The aerodynamic leveler is a popular choice in many warehouses because it is simple, reliable and economical. Pneumatic dock levelers have few moving parts and are easy to maintain, which are part of their low total cost of ownership. The current standard for dock levelers was created by Kelley and uses airbag base leveling technology combined with button control to achieve better ergonomics and worker safety.

Mechanical and solar levelers

For loading and unloading platforms without power, mechanical or solar levelers are the answer. The mechanical base loading and unloading platform is an economical choice for the standard base loading and unloading platform. They are operated by zipper springs. For higher-tech solutions, solar dock levelers can be installed on loading docks without power sources. These devices are 100% off the grid through solar panels and rechargeable batteries to provide electricity for night use. The use of solar energy makes it easier for warehouse workers to operate the dock leveler, while reducing overall energy costs.
Hydraulic dock leveler
Higher capacity loading docks benefit from stronger and more powerful equipment, and hydraulic dock levelers meet the requirements. They are designed to handle the workload of higher capacity loading docks. The closed-loop hydraulic system simplifies the design and maintenance of these levelers. Push button operation is a standard feature of most hydraulic base straightening machines.

Vertical storage dock leveler

In facilities where climate control, cleanliness or energy efficiency is of paramount importance, these terminal levelers can also serve as external barriers. When not in use, these straighteners are raised to a vertical position within the dock door, thereby minimizing the transfer of heat and cold between the internal and external environments. They are designed to provide easy access to the leveling pit for cleaning and maintenance. They are ideal for cold storage or clean room environments.

Edge of Dock Leveler (manual loading and unloading platform)

For lightweight loading bays, the edge of the dock leveler can be an economical choice. These devices do not require installation pits, but are installed on the edge of the dock. They replace portable printing plates, provide higher security, and are easier to install than other straightener systems. They are more suitable for docks with a fleet of captured trucks, or where the truck floor is 3 inches from the dock floor, because they have a limited range of service.