• Overview of sliding doors: Industrial sliding doors and industrial enhanced doors belong to the industrial gate series. Industrial sliding doors are also called automatic sliding door, electric sliding door, etc. Improved doors can be suitable for each building door.


  • Rapid Roll Door is a new high -tech product that realizes automatic and fast opening and closing, which can meet the rapid passage of ground logistics and can quickly isolate the external environment. The beautiful appearance, lightness, high flexible and stable performance makes it use in the fields of electronics, machinery, food, medicine, chemical industry, textile, printing, large supermarkets and logistics and storage, so it brings a lot of safety and convenience to the people in terms of life.


  • If you want to achieve better protection, then you will use the industrial/sectional door, such door and window products, you can bring a good use effect, and they use environmentally friendly green materials, so safe and healthy There will be no troubles such as formaldehyde, so now, this product is basically listed, will be sold, especially the high-grade smart door, which is very popular.


  • Industrial door are generally used in the factory, and the rolling door is used in the factory, and there are shopping malls and other differences. What is the difference between the two? Let's learn together.


  • Rapid Roll Door are a single-phase capacitance working motor for unmaturized short-time work. It is limited to the space of the tubular motor, so the tubular motor can only be used to use the elongated method and must be small, and the weight is light.


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