Hard Panel Door
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  • Air ProHard Panel Door
  • Air ProHard Panel Door
  • Air ProHard Panel Door
  • Air ProHard Panel Door
  • Air ProHard Panel Door
  • Air ProHard Panel Door
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  • Air ProHard Panel Door

Hard Panel Door

The hard panel door adopts a servo control system, which is designed for long-term operation and stable operation. The door material uses 185mm wide aluminum alloy panel, and the door frame uses 2mm galvanized steel frame, coated or hot-dipped or SUS 304. The hard panel door can be used both outdoors and indoors.

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Product Description

Hard Panel Door

1.Products Description

high speed spiral door is a new brand metal rapid industrial door with anti-theft,save energy,good sealing,high efficiency,anti-wind.It is used to logictics channel for Fast and frequent use,the maximum opening speed of the door is 2.35m/s.those door is able to save more cost and reduce energy loss for many enterprises.it can save about 50% energy loss than common sectional garage door,metal roller shutter door and others door.


Door frame componet

door frame,door panel,rubber sealing strip,hinge,and Polyurethane (pu) material fill in door panel

Size of door

4200mm width 4500mm Height or customized


Choose grey or customized another color

Opening and closed speed

1.2 -2.35m/s(adjustable openning),0.6m/s(adjustable closed)

Control system

Special servo system

Drive motor

German brand servo motor

Safety device

buffer device at the bottom of door to in sure of the safety

Structure of Door

five type ,Elliptical helical structure,complex called Elliptical helical structure,L shape structure. vertical structure and horizontal structure.

3.High panel door features:

1.Practical and durable
The operation of hard fast door equipment is very efficient, and the whole process flow does not occur. In addition, the probability of equipment failure in long-term use is very small and more durable, thereby increasing the utilization of the door.

2.Reliable collision
The door device has a unique anti-collision design, which ensures that the door device does not directly collide with other objects during operation, avoiding damage to the door device or damage to other objects, and is more worry-free to use.

3.High speed stability
As the name suggests, the door device has a very fast running speed. The fast door manufacturer adopts the variable frequency motor technology, and the running speed can also be adjusted. The running speed is high and stable, and it is trustworthy!

4.Energy saving and environmental protection
The advanced AC variable frequency motor drive technology adopted by the fast door manufacturer can realize the function of energy saving and environmental protection while ensuring the operation of the door equipment, and can reduce the loss of equipment operation as much as possible.

5.Strong and sturdy
The quick door manufacturer has optimized the structure of the door body to ensure the longevity of the equipment and ensure that the equipment is durable and free from other factors during a long period of use.

6.Windproof seal
Fast door manufacturers' products have very good wind resistance, can provide users with a very good sealing environment, and at the same time have very good sound insulation, insect proof, dustproof and other functions.

7.Easy to maintain
The product has a simple structural design and fewer internal movable parts. This design can improve the stability of the equipment, reduce the cycle of parts replacement and maintenance, and facilitate post-maintenance and maintenance!

4.Main Specification:

Using location

all kinds of applications including outdoor and indoor

Door frame

2mm galvanized steel frame with coating or hot-dip or SUS 304

Door panel material

185 mm width Aluminum alloy panel

Door control system

Servo control system
English Parameter adjustment

Door design

Designed for a long run and stable operation


Servo motor

Safety system

Standard built-in photo cell/ Light barrier as option

Safe Equipment

Wireless safety Edge 

Motor location

Right and Left

Door max size


Opening speed


Closing speed


Wind load max



induction loop/radar/pull-cord/push button/remote control

Fast and Non Friction

With round non-contact track, the sectional curtains won’t connect with each other when roll up,the curtain material won’t wear, distort and run fast without noise which provide a long using life during the high cycles every day operation.


PU foam filled with Panel

Door panel is filled with PU foam which can prevent noise to keep the door with a good acustion application also with the good insulation.

Lifting system

The unique chain and belt technology makes possible our highly functional smooth operation.

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