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Briefly describe the control system principle of high-speed doors


Briefly describe the control system principle of high-speed doors

① Introduction to the principle of high-speed door control system

There are three door opening methods for high-speed doors, namely induction, remote control, and manual. When the door opening sensor receives a signal, the sensor will return the signal to the control system. The control system will send the command to the inverter after receiving the signal, and the command will be judged The current position of the fast door. The inverter starts to drive the motor to control the high-speed opening of the door curtain. If there are cars and people passing through the door opening, the door curtain will automatically close, and the speed is very fast. This speed is controlled by the inverter, so it will not start and stop like a normal rolling shutter. Directly, it starts to slow down when it reaches a certain height during the ascent, so there is no need to worry about hitting the track or catching people and causing injury. The noise is low. The above are the characteristics and advantages of fast doors.

② The reason why high-speed doors are so important

In some production environments, it is necessary to maintain considerable humidity and temperature, and also to isolate dust and bacteria, otherwise it will cause defects in the products in the production environment and damage the production environment. Especially in the food and drug industry, if the 4S is not well done, the production license cannot be obtained. The fast door can achieve a qualified, stable and safe production environment to a certain extent. The high-speed door of the cold storage is also the key. When people and cars pass through the door, the cold air is lost quickly. The efficient opening and closing speed of the fast door effectively reduces the loss of air-conditioning, which is quite environmentally friendly.