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The main advantages of the dock leveler

The fixed dock leveler is mainly used for cargo transportation and loading between floors, and is widely used in various manufacturers, merchants, supermarkets, etc. The fixed dock leveler is welcomed by many companies because of its good lifting stability and wide application range. It can be equipped with auxiliary devices according to the user’s applicable requirements and can be combined in any combination. It is very convenient and can maximize its functions. The best application effect. In addition, the fixed dock leveler has the following advantages:
   1. Trigger signal, automatic leveling.
   2. Equipped with safety protection device to prevent overloading of the lifting platform.
   3. Equipped with a safety protection valve to prevent the hydraulic oil pipe from rupturing.
   4. Emergency lowering device in case of power failure.
   5. The doors on the upper and lower floors are equipped with safety devices interlocking with the control system